Fattony & Soundbwoy2step – Outlook Warmup (Mixtape)

This summer Fattony and Soundbwoy2step had the pleasure to perform a DJ-Set at the legendary Ballroom at Europe’s leading Bassmusic Festival in Croatia.

Uncountable hours together on stage formed Fattony and Soundbwoy2step to an unbeatable Back To Back Team. Their different roots got connected when they started with Teasy5 Munich’s leading Drum & Bass project, called Deep Contact. Due to Fattony’s long time experience behind the turntables (started: 1999!) and Soundbwoy2step’s open minded selections their sets overstretch a variety of different styles. As example you can listen to the recent recorded Promo Mixtape.


Jackson 5 (unknown remix)
Stray – matchsticks (exit)
Roni Size – brown paper back (talking loud)
Trüby Trio – a fiesta (compost)
Msdos – jazzin (good looking)
Lenzman -ever so slightly (AI remix) (integral)
Abstract Elements – PMS (invisible)
London Funk Allstars – only for the hiphop lovers (ninja tunes)
DjRUM – white
Skeptical – desire (soul:r)
Calibre – instant (signature)
Skeptical – Blue Eyes (ingredients)
Bredren ft. MC Swift – Control (Demand)
Stray – Award Tour (exit)
Teddy Killerz ft. Brain Crises – Local 2 (Subtitles)
Digital & Spirit – Phantom Force (Fracture Remix) (PA Audio)
Stray – Easy Boy (Exit)
Dub Phizix – Codec (Critical)
State of Mind ft. Nymfo – Bigger, Faster, Stronger (Blackout)
Marcus Intalex – Lose Control (Metalheadz)
Testpress (Intercom)
Danny Breaks – Revenge of the big bossa (droppin‘ science)

Fattony & Soundbwoy2step - Outlook Warmup (Mixtape)alex