Mono.Mental @ ANTIME V03 Compilation

Our lovely Mono.Mental contributes a delightful production to the third ANTIME Compilation:About ANTIME:

Three years have passed since ANTIME’s first label compilation was released and a lot has happened during that time. After putting out »V01« as a digital release on Christmas eve in 2011, we took things a bit further by releasing our second label showcase and Fontarrian’s stunning debut »vlv« on vinyl while Kalipo’s remarkable first LP was issued on wax and CD. We didn’t give up on digital releases though: Recently, the Brazilian eccentric ˆL_ and Bavarian youngster Unifono have put out strong debuts, exclusively available online. Add to that an abundance of remixes, live sets and videos and you get an idea of our collective vision: We celebrate the diversity of the media at hand and the spectrum of sonic arts with every single release.

We’re Antime. We’re everywhere.

This Berlin-based netlabel has evolved into an international network. V03 is the third instalment of our compilation series and our most diverse release this far. 20 acts from all over the world – Germany, Austria, Italy, Estonia, USA, Mexico and Brazil – showcase their artistic visions over the course of more than one and a half hours. While all of them represent a unique style, there is one common denominator that connects them: They aren’t afraid of bending the rules, eventually breaking them if necessary. From well-known Antime affiliates such as Kalipo, Midimúm, Spur, Sebastian Dali, Attune, ˆL_ and Fontarrian to up-and-coming regional acts like Golden Diskó Ship and Occupanther or promising young talents from near and far such as Lola’s Bad, AAAA, Aplysia, Owlet, Inox, Cuki, Underspreche, Macajey, Both Hands, ModeMaps and Mono.Mental – they all pursue their artistic goals with the sort of unrelenting passion we are looking for.

We’re Antime. We’re not finished yet.

For more information on the artists please watch our various media channels where we will briefly present each act individually in the days before the compilation’s release on November 21. Additionally, you can look forward to tons of bonus material, including a selection of videos made especially for the tracks featured on V3. That being said, a lot more will happen in the future. Stay tuned, stay psyched.

Mono.Mental @ ANTIME V03 Compilationalex