27.10.18 // Deep Contact // MAC 2 Label Night (DJ Randall – Hoppa – MC Gusto)

Easy Fam,
We are honoured for having a true don and founder of Mac2 Recordings DJ RANDALL coming to Munich for the very first time and with perfect timing to celebrate the latest release on Mac2 which is none other than DJ Hoppa, well known in Munich for being a bass line machine gun on the decks! And to completely tear the roof off the Glockenbachwerkstatt we will also have MC Gusto guiding you through this Mac2 Recordings label night!
Deep Contact Crewdem

It all started in 1989. The first place I ever played out of was a warehouse in Stratford. Whilst there, a guy from Centre force heard me playing and said he wanted me to go on his station, so I went on that and from there I teamed up with a guy called the Doctor. We did a couple of club together. Then we split up. I then went on another radio ration, Rave FM. The first ever big rave I played at was Living Dream in 1991 at Lea Valley, the East way Circuit for about 10,000 ravers.

What type of music were you into before hardcore?
I used to be into Hip-Hop and Soul music.

So how did you get into the rave scene?
Well I was into the Hip-Hop and a mate came along who owned a club called the Dungeons on Lea Bridge Road and he asked me if I fancied going, I went and heard the music . From that day I started getting the music, I loved it.

When did you open De underground Record shop?
I opened the shop about one and a half years ago. At the time I was going for a job interview as a computer programmer, and I met a mate in the street. He said he was going to open a shop, so I went with him and opened the shop together and built it up to what it is today.

Have you made any records yourself?
Yes, I made on called Odd Ball, Red and Black which I done ages ago. I want to make a couple of more record , but a the moment I haven’t got the buzz to go down the studio, I still have a 100% buzz to play music at the raves. Although I’ve just started a little chewn with Goldie of Reinforced.

How do you decide what chewns to drop?
Well basically I just think of the crowd. Say I am going a late set at AWOL like 8-10am, I would play totally different from what I would between 2-4am. If the clubs still jam packed at 8am I know it’s been a good night so I keep driving the set until about 9am, then ease it off a bit. I like to give the crowd what they want and I love the music and fresh sounds.

Interview published with the permission of Blaze Magazine 1993

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27.10.18 // Deep Contact // MAC 2 Label Night (DJ Randall - Hoppa - MC Gusto)tony

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