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Our first Compiliation is out now!
After we had given away 100 CDs as a present on our last events, we chose to offer them also online!
The Feedback was incredibly positive, so you can order your copy of a limited number FOR FREE (!!!). We just offer CDs and won’t give away all tracks as a freedownload.

1. Mono.Mental – Untitled 1
2. SRGJ – Untitled 2
3. Mind Rhythm (Mono.Mental Edit)
4. Lis & Soundbwoy2step (feat. Disturbia) – 2 Steps Closer
5. Moony Me – Inside You
6. COEO – U2
7. SRGJ – Feeling Good
8. COEO – I Wanna
9. Sam Irl – Return
10. Manekin Peace – The Vultures (produced by L-one)
11. Pixel ft. Slimfy – Belly of the Beast (Disturbia &Soundbwoy2step Remix)
12. Fingathing – Haze (Soundbwoy2step Remix)
13. Mono.Mental & Manekin Peace – Freestyle
14. Doppel D – Hoibe 6e (lexitch remix)
15. El Rojo – Ay Candela

The CD includes 15 Tracks between House & Trip Hop, Drum’n’Bass & Latin Stuff.
Some of the tracks already are on the Web for free. You can prelisten to some of the tunes here:

Just fill the gaps and get a free copy the next days.
The only thing you have to pay is the shipping.

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